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The Biggest Pain Points in Medical Billing and How to Avoid Them

Navigating the intricate medical billing landscape is a shared challenge among a diverse range of healthcare entities. Amid financial uncertainties tied to value-based reimbursement models, healthcare providers face unique hurdles in safeguarding their bottom line.

While potential financial vulnerabilities exist, promising regulatory proposals aim to increase payment rates for those meeting quality reporting requirements.

Healthcare organizations must navigate balancing cost reduction and revenue optimization, and one way to do this is to invest in medical billing and clearinghouse technology.

Below we explore some significant pain points in medical billing and provide insights into overcoming obstacles to ensure financial success.

Pain Point #1: Claims Denial Write-Offs

The unfortunate reality is that one in five medical claims may require rework or appeal, costing approximately $25 per claim

If you don’t commit to properly fixing these problems, unresolved denials transform into hard denials, leading to write-offs between 1 to 5 percent of net patient revenue. While seemingly small, a 1 percent loss for larger healthcare establishments can equate to an annual deficit between $2 million to $3 million.

Soft denials, potentially payable with additional effort, demand substantial resources. 

To reduce soft denials, healthcare organizations typically need to address the missing information, duplicates, adjudicated services, non-covered services and expired filing limits that lead to higher denial rates. 

Claims denials should not automatically lead to a write-off, and understanding this is critical to recovering the 5 to 10 percent of claims that are denied on average.

Our Solution to Pain Point #1: Claims Denial Write-Offs Made Easy with Secure Connect

Secure Connect addresses claims denial write-offs by:

  • Automating denial resolution for efficient intervention.
  • Providing real-time claim status monitoring to address issues promptly.
  • Implementing a robust data scrubbing mechanism to reduce soft denials.
  • Offering integrated reporting for insights into denial trends.
  • Collaborating with knowledgeable support staff for effective denial management.

These features collectively minimize denial rates, streamline processes, and positively impact the financial outcomes of medical billing.

Pain Point #2: Inadequate Patient Information

A significant pain point in medical billing concerns dealing with inadequate patient information. Gaps in patient data can result in claim denials, delayed payments, and increased administrative workload. Addressing this requires a proactive approach and implementing systems for data collection during patient registration.

Our Solution to Pain Point #2: Inadequate Patient Information Fixed with Secure Connect

Secure Connect offers a comprehensive solution to inadequate patient information:

  • Real-Time Integration: Direct integration with Harris-owned products ensures real-time access to patient data.
  • Data Scrubbing Mechanism: Internal data scrubbing validates patient information, minimizing the risk of claim denials.
  • Customized Reporting: Collaborating with Harris companies, Secure Connect provides tailored reporting options.
  • Automated Claim Status Responses: Proactive monitoring ensures timely responses to each claim.
  • Collaborative Support: Knowledgeable support staff with EDI expertise actively assists, adhering to strict SLA times for issue resolution.

Secure Connect streamlines data management, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency, addressing the challenges of insufficient patient information in medical billing.

Pain Point #3: Complex Coding and Compliance Issues

A substantial pain point in medical billing is the complexity surrounding coding and compliance issues. Navigating this intricate landscape can be daunting for medical practitioners, leading to errors in coding, claim rejections, and potential legal ramifications.

Our Solution to Pain Point #3: Coding and Compliance with Secure Connect

Secure Connect streamlines coding and compliance challenges by:

  • Automating coding updates swiftly.
  • Leveraging technology for regulatory adherence.
  • Integrating continuous staff training resources.
  • Implementing audit-friendly processes for compliance.
  • Providing knowledgeable support for coding challenges.

This comprehensive solution enhances efficiency and regulatory compliance in medical billing.

Pain Point #4: Delay in Patient Payments

Encountering delays in receiving patient payments can present a substantial challenge for healthcare providers. Addressing this challenge requires providers to actively seek innovative approaches to expedite patient payments actively, exerting a significant influence on the overall success of their billing processes.

Our Solution to Pain Point #4: Delay in Patient Payments Resolved with Secure Connect

Secure Connect streamlines patient payments with the following:

  • Real-time tracking for prompt issue identification.
  • User-friendly payment portals to expedite payments.
  • Automated reminders for consistent payment schedules.
  • Flexible payment plans tailored to patients’ financial situations.
  • Collaborative communication channels for transparent discussions.
  • Integrated educational resources for informed patient payments.

These features collectively expedite payments and enhance medical billing success.

Pain Point #5: Lack of Billing Tools

Many clinics lack the proper billing tools, which can significantly impact medical practitioners’ efficiency and success.

Our Solution to Pain Point #5: Lack of Billing Tools solved with Secure Connect

Secure Connect presents a comprehensive solution to the challenge of lacking billing tools for medical practitioners:

  • Integrated EHR Systems: Seamless integration with user-friendly EHR systems.
  • Customizable Billing Platforms: Tailored solutions for specific needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design encourages effective tool adoption.
  • Efficient Staff Training: Training to minimize hesitations and ensure a seamless transition.
  • Comprehensive Support: Knowledgeable support staff actively collaborates with practitioners.
  • Adaptive Technology Integration: Continuous updates align with industry standards.

Secure Connect offers a streamlined approach, addressing the lack of billing tools and empowering medical practitioners to navigate challenges effectively.

How Secure Connect Enhances Billing Efficiency

In the field of medical billing, Secure Connect provides a comprehensive clearinghouse that includes various features customized to optimize billing processes.

  1. Accelerated Claim Processing: Multiple daily connections ensure up-to-date transactions, leading to a more efficient claim processing system.
  2. Direct Access to Payers: Connecting directly to multiple payers ensures the fastest access to crucial payer information, minimizing delays.
  3. Customization for Harris Companies: Direct collaboration with all Harris-owned products ensures seamless customization for tailored solutions.
  4. Automated Claims Status Responses: Automated claim status checks guarantee every claim receives a prompt response, minimizing potential delays.
  5. Clean Claims for Reduced Denials: Internal claim scrubbing, multiple daily transmissions, and timely responses significantly reduce claim denials.
  6. Support and Resolutions: Commitment to prompt support with strict SLA times, demonstrating dedication to resolving concerns swiftly.
  7. Knowledgeable Support Staff: Extensive experience and expertise in all EDI transactions ensure valuable assistance for clients.
  8. Affordability: Competitive prices optimized by direct connections and efficient pathways.
  9. Consistency and Accountability: Focusing on consistent and accountable processes instills confidence in the platform’s reliability.
  10. Flexible Platform for Payer Changes: Quick response to payer alterations maintains efficiency in the face of evolving requirements.
  11. US-Based Data Centers: Ensuring security and compliance with regulatory standards.
  12. Varied Transaction Types: Supporting multiple transaction types, catering to diverse billing needs.

Avoid The Biggest Pain Points With Secure Connect

Secure Connect is more than a service provider; it is a comprehensive solution that collaborates with healthcare providers to address pain points systematically. 

Secure Connect sets a standard for effective, client-centered clearinghouse services by offering tailored features, real-time access, and continuous support.

Secure Connect, established in 1998, is a flexible clearinghouse platform facilitating SOAP Web services, Restful APIs, and Secure FTP for seamless medical billing. Supporting transaction types like Claims (837), Workers Compensation (with attachments), 835 ERA, 270/271 Eligibility, 276/277 Claim Status, Patient Statements, and Drop to Paper services, Secure Connect directly connects to multiple payers through US-based data centers.

Unlike traditional clearinghouses that send EDI transactions once a day, Secure Connect stands out by connecting multiple times daily, ensuring accelerated claim processing. Our platform adapts efficiently to payer changes, offering swift responses through daily outbound file monitoring. Secure Connect is not just a clearinghouse; it’s your agile partner for responsive and efficient EDI transactions in medical billing. Transform your processes—choose Secure Connect.

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