Efficient Clearinghouse Solution

Established in 1998, Secure Connect is a flexible clearinghouse platform that reacts to payer changes efficiently and on time.

Serving large multi-location management systems to small single-doctor practices.  With Harris Secure Connect, users can expect a streamlined and seamless experience between the practice management system and Secure Connect.

Automated Claims Status Responses

Performs automated claim status checks as all payers do not provide response reports. Secure connect will send a solicited claim status request on your behalf.

Reduce Denials

Our clearinghouse offers internal claim scrubbing prior to claims being sent, multiple transmissions per day, and timely responses to ensure all claims are addressed.

EDI Expertise

The Secure Connect support team has multiple years of experience and is knowledgeable in all EDI transactions. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

The Company

Clearinghouse Services for the Modern Medical Professionals.

Secure Connect connects directly to multiple payers through US-based data centers, simplifying EDI transactions and ensuring the fastest access to the payer and ultimately payment.  While most clearinghouses send EDI transactions only once per day, Secure Connect offers accelerated claim processing by connecting to payers multiple times a day.

Our Service

Claims Processing by the Book. Performed with Trust.

Secure Connect completes transmission of claims beneficial to expeditious processing
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Electronic Remittance Advice
Secure Connect connects with thousands of payers allowing you to receive your payments electronically.
Eligibility Checking
Secure Connect accepts Real Time, Rest API, or Batch transactions.
Risk & Financial Advisory
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payment solutions
Payment Solutions
Secure Connect offers a seamless payment solution allowing you to collect payments at every point of contact
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Why Choose Us

Dedicated to saving you Time and Money

We’re committed to optimizing our software for a more efficient workflow, saving both time and money. With features like improved claim rates and daily claim submissions, you’ll experience quicker claim processing and reimbursement.

We pride ourselves in Customer Service

Our top priority is customer satisfaction and quality service, aiming to create loyal customers through continuous improvements, exceptional support, and dedicated account management.

We pride ourselves on Diversity

Empowering us to showcase our individual talents and expertise, paving the way for Secure Connect to provide our customers with a collaborative product line.

We pride ourselves in Innovation

We innovate to enhance our products, continuously adapting to industry standards to create value for you.

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