Simplify Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Healthcare providers know that a complex, inefficient revenue cycle directly impacts their bottom line. Lost claims, delayed reimbursements, and manual processes create unnecessary hurdles.

Secure Connect streamlines your entire claims workflow for faster payments and greater financial visibility

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Secure Connect streamlines claims processing by ensuring timely and efficient transmission of 837 transactions. Unlike traditional clearinghouses that transmit EDI transactions only once a day, Secure Connect offers accelerated claim processing by connecting to payers multiple times throughout the day. This proactive approach significantly reduces claim processing times, ensuring quicker reimbursement for your practice.

Secure Connect’s comprehensive claim history and tracking capabilities empower you to easily monitor claim status, identify any potential issues promptly, and take proactive measures to resolve them. Our team diligently monitors outbound files daily, ensuring that each claim receives prompt attention from the relevant payer. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of claim denials and delays, safeguarding your practice’s financial health.

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Electronic Remittance Advice

Seamlessly connecting you with a vast network of thousands of payers, enabling you to receive your payments electronically in a timely and efficient manner. Our dedicated team continuously retrieves ERAs from payers, ensuring that you have access to the latest payment information at all times. This proactive approach eliminates the need for manual data entry and reconciliation, saving you valuable time and effort.

Secure Connect’s streamlined ERA process allows you to address denials more quickly, reducing your overall days in accounts receivable (AR). By providing you with easy access to detailed payment information, Secure Connect empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your practice’s cash flow.

Additionally, Secure Connect offers the flexibility to requeue and download ERAs whenever needed, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. This user-friendly feature enhances your control over your payment information and streamlines your financial processes.

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Start Getting Paid Faster

Improve your financial efficiency with Secure Connect's streamlined processes.


Secure Connect offers a comprehensive suite of transaction methods for seamless eligibility verification, including:

  • Real-Time: Obtain immediate confirmation of patient eligibility with instant access to insurance coverage details.
  • REST API: Integrate seamlessly with your existing healthcare systems and automate workflows with readily accessible APIs.
  • Batch Processing: Efficiently verify the eligibility of multiple patients with batched inquiries for greater convenience.


Enhanced Accuracy and Reduced Denials:

By leveraging Secure Connect for eligibility verification, you can:

  • Ensure the accuracy of patient information for streamlined claims processing.
  • Mitigate the risk of denials by identifying and addressing potential coverage issues beforehand.
  • Foster financial transparency, providing both your practice and patients with clear insights into coverage details.


Optimize Staff Resources and Enhance Patient Satisfaction:

Optimizing your check-in process with upfront eligibility verification can help you:

  • Reduce delays and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks for a smoother patient experience.
  • Utilize staff resources more effectively, allowing for greater focus on patient care and service.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by streamlining administrative processes and promoting transparency.
Eligibility Checking
Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Secure Connect offers a seamless payment solution that enables you to collect payments at every point of contact, including in-person, online, mobile, and by phone. Our diverse payment options cater to the preferences of your patients, ensuring a positive and efficient payment experience for all.

By streamlining the payment process, you can enhance patient satisfaction, reduce transaction times, minimize errors, and optimize your revenue cycle management. Secure Connect’s payment solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing practice management system or purchased as a standalone option.

Experience the Secure Connect Difference

  • Enhance patient satisfaction with convenient payment options
  • Streamline billing processes and reduce transaction times
  • Minimize errors and optimize revenue cycle management
  • Flexible integration and stand-alone options

Streamline Your Workflow and Optimize Your Revenue Cycle with Secure Connect

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, efficient and timely claims processing is crucial for maintaining financial stability and ensuring optimal patient care. Secure Connect, a leading clearinghouse solution, empowers healthcare providers to expedite claims processing, minimize denials, and enhance financial transparency, all while fostering a seamless patient experience

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